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China Automatic Electronic Powder Sifter

Automatic Electronic Powder Sifter

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Automatic Electronic Powder Sifter

The system is convenient for clearing and changing colors and with well-sealed.

Recovery Powder Hopper

Recovery Powder Hopper

Steel stainless,
Fine look.

Automatic Powder Cycling And Recover System

Dimension 1500x600x600mm
Power 220v/30w Powder Recycling Machine, Vibrating Screen, Vibratory Sieving Machine

Automatic Sieving Machine

automatic sieving machine
Noiseless and work efficiency
Automatic Recycling powder.

Automatic powder cycling and recovery system

1.Easliy cleaning and color alteration,
2.good airproof property
3.High powder utilization rate

Automatic powder cycling and recovery system

Automatic powder cycling and recovery system
save the powder coating

automatic powder coating machine cycling system

continuously send the powder being dropped during the process of spray.

automatic powder coating machine powder container

continuously supply powder to automatic guns or manual guns

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