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Quality coating / spraying quality improvement

Update Time:10-24-2013

Quality coating / spraying quality improvement in addition to cost savings, there are many other benefits. Electrostatic coating helps reduce application time. The charged paint particles can change orientation, when viewed from a direction of spraying, the parts can be top, bottom and side deposition. According to the size and configuration of parts, this way is sufficient to cover all at once coated products, eliminating the need for additional transmission needs. When using a non-electrostatic spray gun, you need to need to spray gun point to each area, if you miss a particular point of view, then it can not be sprayed. When using electrostatic nozzle, the spray coating formula produces a more uniform coating of the finished product. Unified treatment made ??many production factory get lower defect rate. When the scene refurbished furniture or equipment, such as not using an electrostatic spray equipment, almost impossible.

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