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Filter in powder coating equipment and use of the recycling industry

Update Time:10-28-2013

Spray booth powder recovery filter is a component of the system , the filter itself quality can affect the overall effect of recycling equipment , powder recovery system

The quality of the other components , the configuration will affect the filtration efficiency and filter cartridge product life .

Filter unique lacunae fold pleats design to ensure 100% effective filtration area and maximum operating efficiency. Bursting strength ,

Formulated using advanced foreign technology -specific filter cartridge adhesive bonding . Best fold folds spacing, so that the entire filter area on the filter evenly,

Reduce pressure filter , spray booth airflow stability, powder room cleaning more convenient. Adapt to a variety of recovery type powder room .

Small fiber shedding and avoid affecting the quality of the workpiece spraying . Powder room , dust filter, filter powder , powder filter

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Dust filter, dust filter device , dusting powder recovery room equipment accessories.

First, the wind speed on the impact of a filtration efficiency , filtration efficiency of wind speed on the powder recovery filter has been engaged in painting , painting equipment manufacturers often encounter some

Reflect : just finished not long powder spray booth exhaust vent through the powder are more obvious phenomenon , or in the spray booth pendant office, powder flying everywhere ; spray piece of work

Area, plastic powder back flutter overflow powder produced obvious phenomenon . This series of problems encountered when

Customers often customary that the phenomenon is due to produce transparent pink cloth aperture too, ran out of plastic powder ; produce overflow powder

Phenomenon is due to the filter cloth aperture is too small, unventilated amounted to less than . Although the aperture of the filter cloth will overflow powder produced through powder part

Filter effects, but definitely not a simple filter cartridge filter sieve powder pink principle, powder spray booth design , set reasonable speed

Is the key to good and bad equipment operators . Operation of the device , if the wind speed airflow through the filter cloth is too large will cause pressure differential plus

Large , then particles with too large a part of the pressure air flow through the filter cloth , is discharged into the duct , resulting in the phenomenon through the powder . Practice

Data show that the powder recovery filter , wind speed doubles , the transmittance of the powder is increased an order of magnitude , the filtration efficiency

Reducing a 9 ; speed reduced by half, the transmittance of the powder will be one order of magnitude , an additional 9 filtration efficiency , thus

Reasonable speed setting is good or bad premise equipment operators . Over the years, the observation of the powder spray booth summary , we propose: Room

Emissions within the powder spray booth , the speed of air flow through the filter cloth should be set in (1.2m / s ~ 1.5m / s) range ; take out the duct

Outdoor emissions spray booth , you can slightly bigger, because since equipment manufacturers and users have chosen the way of outdoor emissions , equal to it

It acquiesced can have a small portion of the powder ran out directly vented .
After doing has been completed for the powder room , if the powder produced through powder overflow phenomenon , because the fan is fixed installed, the filter

Core installation space can not change the number , then you can change a single cartridge filter area to affect the filtration velocity ,

So as to improve the filtration efficiency of the filter . With a non-woven filter media made ??of polyester fiber filter, such as 325 * 215 * 600 in this specification filter area (4.5m 2 ~ 10.2m 2) can be between

Achieved. Customers according to the size and structure of spray booth filters to select the level of efficiency requirements for their use of the filter specification , suitable for your use of the filter cartridge is the best filter.

Second, the powder cleaning of the filter filtration efficiency and filter life of

The same specifications, the same filter of the filter , used in different work

Environment, the filter filtration efficiency , product life there is great difference.

Filter during use , timely and effective cleaning cloth surface area of ??powder

Affecting the cartridge filter efficiency and product life of the key. Clean the filter surface area of ??powder coating equipment is currently the most commonly used

Shock pulse method is to fight , Pulse shock hit : compressed air through the solenoid valve instantly ejected from the valve to form a current of air for

For the filter inside to complete the filter surface clean of accumulated powder . Factors affecting the cleaning effect of four types:

1, pressure size ; 2 , gas cleanliness ; 3, the filter material ; 4 , the filter structure .

1, the air pressure is too small earthquake hit is absolutely not clean the filter in the filter strength capacity permitting , filter surface area of ??the powder ,

Pneumatic shock hit the bigger the better , the general coating equipment manufacturers have set about 5kg of pressure , mainly taking into account market practices

Limited capacity of the filter , the Department issued through a special filter material of the filter can withstand (8 ~ 10) kg of pressure, shock hit

When the lid off the filter structure will not be deformed , cracked the cloth does not tear .

2, through the compressed air into the solenoid valve will also affect the cleaning effect of the gas , if the gas oil containing water ,

Water will penetrate into the filter inside and plastic powder bonded together , when the air pressure is also another big earthquake hit the surface of the cloth can not accumulate powder ,

Therefore, the powder spray booth air compressor must configure the appropriate filter for oil-water separation .

3 , the powder recovery filter itself will also affect the quality of clear powder filter effects, compared to the domestic filter, imports of high-quality filter

Off powder is easier ; compared to traditional polyester filter cloth , filter clean surface treated powder prominent effect is more obvious , such as fabric

Surface doing fluorine resin processing , the filter has all of the features stain repellency ; made ??in PTFE membrane fabric surface treatment,

Filter shape on the performance of surface filtration , plastic powder will not enter the media internal pulse when the earthquake hit off the powder can be the entire piece .

4 , the filter structure can directly affect the appearance of the clear powder results. Compared with the traditional cylindrical filter, the next big cone filter

Small earthquake hit when the pulse shape plastic powder is easier to fall off. Bottom drain the filter so that the earthquake hit the powder directly slipped down to the powder room at the end

Department, small-diameter shallow fold of the filter from the pulse when the earthquake hit , it enables airflow cloth outward expansion , crashing to the surface of the plastic pink cloth .

In the course of using the powder spray booth plastic powder cleanup if they were not down , we must identify the causes analyzed , and then solve

Problem . Remember not to beat with a stick directly filter surface , do not use water to clean the filter, because the beat with a stick will cause damage to the surface of the filter cloth , filter curved inner support network shrinkage will

Causing rapid filter scrapped. Water to clean the filter is self-deception , water is able to direct cleaning cloth surface plastic powder , but hidden in the filter small particles of dust inside the fiber once the case

Will be bonded into a paste with water , adhesion between the fibers inside the filter , so that the filter will result in insufficient air flow resistance is increased , seriously shorten the life of the filter , in principle, we do not recommend

Customers use water to clean the filter.

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