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Color Change Process

Update Time:11-13-2013

These process steps are a guideline and can be modified for specific applications. Several of

these color change processes may be conducted at the same time; however, there are several

processes that must occur in the proper order to avoid redundant cleaning:

1. Color change process should begin at the Chameleon: First clean the lift tubes, pumps,

powder hoses and guns so all the powder in these lines can be purged into the booth.

2. Once the Chameleon cleaning cycle is complete, the gun exteriors can be cleaned

automatically from the electrical panel.

3. After gun exterior cleaning is complete, clean the interior of the booth while the recovery is


4. Following booth cleaning procedure, clean the multi-cyclone.

After running a single color for an extended period of time, a complete system clean may be

required where the pumps and gun nozzles are cleaned. Regular pump and gun maintenance

should be followed based on procedures outlined in those manuals.

NOTE: All procedures, unless otherwise indicated, are performed with the booth blower in

operation and application equipment turned off.

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