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New Powder Coater

New Powder Coater

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Detail Information
Detail Information
Advantages and characteristics
High quality spraying
By using the lasted impulse charging technique which provides high voltage technique which provides high voltage and low current ,spraying on any shapes of work pieces and with any kinds of powders can be operated under high voltage ,which greatly enhanced the powder spraying efficiency

Strong penetration ability
The equipment has excellent penetration property and it a pllicable to spraying at dead angles and groove positions , this reduces the overspray of protruding places of work pieces and greatlt enhances the uniformity of spraying films ,the complicated operations for high voltage adjustment are also avoided

Highly flat and smooth coating
Development of the low-current load model reduces the electrostatic resistenace of the work piece surfaces and can ensure the spraying quality of the resrayed work piece ,the flat and smooth degree of the spraying surfaces is therefore greatly enhanced

High security coating
No high voltage will coccur since pulse charging technique is adopted ,which is especially suitable for the spraying of metal powder

Super-thick film coating
The film thickness can be enhanced by over 2times than traditional charging manner for foundation workpieces made of cast steel , aluminum and iron and ect
New Powder Coater
  • New Powder Coater
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