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manual powder coating equipment

manual powder coating equipment

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Detail Information
Detail Information


Electrostatic powder coating machine
Model:COLO-500 star

Control unit

Input voltage:110v-220v


Input power:50w

Output voltage:max.20v(peak-peak value)

Output current:max.0.7A

Pneumatic control voltage:24V DC

Work temperature range:-5degree - 40degree

Compressed air date:

Max.Input air pressure:10bar/145psi

Min input air pressure:6bar/87psi

Max water vapour content:1.3g/nm3

Powder hopper capacity:45L/55L

Powder spray gun

Input voltage :max.20v(peak-peak value)

Input current:max.0.7A

Output voltage:0-100KV


Output current:0-150uA

Powder yield:600g/min

Gun weight:550g

Connection table:5M

Machine weight:35kgs

Optional Information
- Payment : 100% in advance
- Delivery : 2-10days
- Origin : china
- Minimum Order : 1pc
- Packaging : paper carton or wooden packing
- Inspection : CE
- Samples : Charge
- Remarks : electrostatic powder coating equipment

manual powder coating equipment
  • manual powder coating equipment
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