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Manual Powder Coating Equipment

Manual Powder Coating Equipment

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  • COLO-800D
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Detail Information
Detail Information

Work shape(product shape) --------according to different product you just need to press the key , the controller will adjust the best model for you ,it is intelligent  model

No need to adjust again and again by hand ,we set it already

And the AUTO---MANUAL ---it is for auto gun and manual gun model

All parameters of powder electrostatic spraying are intelligently controlled by computers 

Control programs are selected by keys

Select any program among flat work—piece, dead angle work piece , respray work piece , by the keys , the electrostatic high pressure and electrical current are to be automatically set at the optimal valves which provide the electrostatic parameters necessary for the best powder utilization rate when spraying on different shapes of work piece 

Manual Powder Coating Equipment
  • Manual Powder Coating Equipment
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