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Powder Coating Equipment

Powder Coating Equipment

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Detail Information
Detail Information

Powder Coating Equipment (Colo-500-PGC1)

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Colo-500-PGC1 Powder Coating Equipment, it is gema PGC1 copy model, can interchange with original gema powder coating equipment. Top quality model, working effect is same. Good for all the work piece.

The process of the powder coating is like this: The powder is fluidized in the powder hopper. The injectors transport the powder through the hoses to the guns. The guns spray a powder/air mixture onto the workpieces.

Configuration: Powder gun *1 + powder pump*1 + powder container*1 +trolley*1 + oil-water separator*1 + air pressure regulator*1 and other hose with accessories.

Technical data:

Electrical data
Mains input voltage: 220V/110V
Operating frequency: 50Hz /60Hz
Powder: 50W
Output voltage (to the gun): 0-100KV ( adjustable)
Maximum output current (to the gun): 180UA(max)
Protection type: IP54
Approvals: CE Certification

Pneumatical data
Input pressure: Min. 6 bar(87PSI)/max. 10 bar(145PSI)
Recommended input pressure: 7 bar(101.5PSI)
Max. Water vapor content of the compressed
Air 1.3 G/M³
Max. Oil vapor content of the compressed air 0.1 mg/m³

Packing Dimensions
Carton size: 68x52x84cm G. W: 37kg

We supply:
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Electrostatic powder painting
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COLO Powder Coating Systems is a top supplier of powder coating systems and powder coating equipment including automated powder coating machine, spray booths and spare parts for itw gema, wagner, nodrson, kci famous brand in China.

Powder Coating Equipment
  • Powder Coating Equipment
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