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Parker powder gun

Parker powder gun

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  • COLO-610
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Detail Information
Detail Information



Powder Coating Equipment

1.light gun,ergonomic design, ease fatigue

2.good coating effect

3.easily clean hopper


1. Save powder by 20% compare to Electrostatic Coating ,for the average thickness of our products is 60 μm compare to 70 μm of the latter.

2. Can coat the objects' deepest corner by charging the powder continuously with low current and high voltage.

3. Can reduce orange peel effect significantly compare to common Electrostatic Coating.

4.Work well with pretreatment machine,reciprocator,powder recycle system,coating booth,oven to form a whole powder coating process
Parker powder gun
  • Parker powder gun
  • Parker powder gun
  • Parker powder gun
  • Parker powder gun
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