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Manual Powder Coating Units

Manual Powder Coating Units

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Detail Information
Detail Information

COLO-660 Electrostatic Powder Manual Coating Equipment,is designed exclusively for electrostatic coating with powder.

Typical characteristics:

1,Control unit  has one-touch intelligent operation button good for flat parts, complicated parts and recoat parts.Easy to operate.

2,suitable for the coating of every workpiece. simple, flat workpieces;workpieces with complicated shapes;  the over-coating of workpieces which are already coated.

3,Pulse coating system

1). Save powder by 20% compare to Electrostatic Coating ,for the average thickness of our products is 60 μm compare to 70 μm of the latter.

2). Can coat the objects' deepest corner by charging the powder continuously with low current and high voltage.

3). Can reduce orange peel effect significantly compare to common Electrostatic Coating machine .


A control unit power supply cable

- A air filter

- A air pressure regulator

- A fluidized powder hopper

- A plug-in injector

- An manual powder gun with gun cable, powder

hose, rinsing air hose and standard nozzle set.

- Pneumatic hoses for conveying air (red), supplementary

air (black) and fluidizing air (black)

powder hose

Ground wire


A) Control unit

Input voltage: 110V-220V

Frequency: 50-60Hz

Input powder: 50W

Pneumatic control voltage: 24V DC

B) Compressed air data:

Max. Input air pressure: 10bar/145psi

Min input air pressure: 6bar/87psi

Max water vapour content: 1.3g/nm

C) Powder Spray Gun

Powder yield: 600g/min

Gun powder: 550G

connection cable: 5m

Packing Dimensions

Model No. COLO-660

Length:  69cm

Width:  52cm

Height:  56cm

Weight:  37 kgs.

Manual coating equipment Function description

the powder gun through the powder hose . The powder is electrostatically

charged at the nozzle of the gun. In addition, an electrostatic field is

created between the gun nozzle and the grounded object. The charged

powder spray remains adhered to the surface of the object.

The powder is fluidized by air forced through a porous plastic plate from

below. The powder acquires, thereby, fluid-like characteristics.

The conveying air, supplementary air, and rinsing air are set on the control


The process of the coating is like this: The powder is fluidized in the powder hopper. The injectors transport the powder through the hoses to the guns. The guns spray a powder/air mixture onto the workpieces

COLO Powder Coating Systems is a top supplier of powder coating systems and powder coating equipment including manual powder coating equipment, automatic equipment, spray booths,ovens and spare parts for itw gema, wagner, nodrson, kci famous brand in China.

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Manual Powder Coating Units
  • Manual Powder Coating Units
  • Manual Powder Coating Units
  • Manual Powder Coating Units
  • Manual Powder Coating Units
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