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China Powder Coating System

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Powder Coating System

Powder Coating System Supplier in China

1.high quality
2.woking good in flat parts, complicated part
3.best for skill worker

powder coating system manufacturer

pulse power technology function,
vibration board(feed-box),
digital display for voltage and current.

powder coating system supplier of china

pulse power technology function,
KCI 301 type,
digital display for voltage and current

KCI powder coating system

1.pulse function
2.quick color changes
3.digtal display
4.intelligent button
5.easy to operate

top powder coating system

1.intelligent button type
2.working good in complicated workpiece
3.double control system with 2 spray gun

COLO Powder Coating System COLO-800D

1.digital display for the voltage and current
2.one-touch intelligent operation button
3.high and steady performance

GEMA powder coating system

newest design,
intelligent control unit with digital display

China powder coating system wholeseller


China powder coating system suppliers

according to different product ,press the key , the controller will adjust the best model for you ,it is intelligent model

china powder coating system

most economic,
good for flat parts and all kinds of shaped powder coating.

Manual Powder Coating System

for larger production runs
the powder is optimally fluidized in the large 60 liter stainless steel hopper

KCI 301 powder coating system

newest design,
intelligent control unit with digital display,
pulse power function.

Automatic Powder Coating System

1.Long/short stroke operation,
2.High loading&stability,
3.Smooth running,
4.Maintenance-free AC moror,
5.Digital display

GEMA OPTI powder coating system

1.intelligent controller
2.one-touch intelligent operation button
3.good for flat parts,complicated parts and recoat parts

KCI color powder coating system

1.pulse function ,similar like KCI201 model
2. good painting for metal workpieces
3.woring good for corners

automatic powder coating system-recipractor

Easy operated&automatically
Different stroke different speed

colo color powder coating system

Manual Electrostatic Powder Coating Machine
Self-examination function: Easy to maintain and repair

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